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what the shape of your face say about you

The form of your face seems to convey your core attitude and overall outlook on life. While the majority of people don’t have a unique face shape (you could have a combination of square and round or oval and diamond-shaped features), some people do. At the forehead and chin, this form is squared off. People with this facial shape appreciate rationality and are excellent thinkers, yet they are prone to overthinking. They’re usually planners in some sort and don’t express their emotions too much. They do, however, work out on a regular basis to relieve the inner strain that comes with always living in their brains. A wide hairline and fullness below the cheekbones define a round face shape. This face shape usually indicates that you are a people person who is generous and compassionate and constantly puts others first. The disadvantage is that you may over-prioritize individuals, and as a result, you may not obtain what you need from your connection. This mindset can attract narcissists, but you can modify that by recognizing that you’re an over-giver who doesn’t always put others before themselves. The centre of this shape is wide, and it points toward the forehead and chin. This describes someone who likes to be in charge and insists on things being done a certain way. They’re also incredibly detail-oriented, which results in high-quality work. This is someone who can speak effectively and is very exact with their words.

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