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What to do If your boyfriend hasn’t proposed to you yet

At some point, every woman considers getting married. She may not think about it constantly, but she certainly entertains the thought. Additionally, the more time she spends in a romantic relationship, the more often she finds herself thinking. She hopes to be proposed to in addition to wanting to get married. Big ring, on one knee, the whole nine yards. exactly as in the movies. Forget about equality and joint ventures that are 50/50. The man should make the marriage proposal. Period. That is the way it ought to be. Although there are exceptions to this rule, in general, that is what is desired and expected. Because a feminine woman’s deepest desire is still to be claimed, and that desire will never change. She desires to be looked after. She longs to give up and let go. She longs for the day when she can fully rely on him. Finally, a day comes when she begins to wonder if this relationship will succeed and if this particular man is the right one for her. She also begins to doubt her own value and suitability for marriage and full claim. At this point, she starts to feel utterly insecure and starts using her knowledge of how to manipulate people to try to get him to propose to her. Finally, she either receives the eagerly anticipated “she made me do it” proposal or she does not. Being rejected by a man you love and have bet your heart and dreams on is very upsetting. It’s also quite liberating looking back because you can finally move on. because he isn’t yet prepared. The best gift you could receive would be to accept it and release yourself from anxiety and excessive worrying about how you weren’t good enough.

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