What to wear on a very classy dinner party

Even though dress codes are subject to interpretation, it’s best to abide by them because even they can be difficult to understand. At a friend’s house for dinner? Of course, you have some flexibility, but you can still look your best. A formal dinner gathering? less opportunity for a fashion faux pas. Tyrwhitt makes it simple for you to appear stylish without overdressing, casual and appropriate. A white-tie event is the most formal party and a special occasion you’ll cherish for years to come. You must dress in full evening attire, which includes a white dress shirt, white evening waistcoat, and, naturally, a white bow tie. An evening tailcoat (not to be confused with a morning jacket) is also required. The white bow tie must be self-tied because there can be no slacking off at this type of party, unlike the bow ties at a black-tie affair. Here is where you need to be at your best. You’ll need a tuxedo or dinner suit, a bow tie, and a white evening shirt. There isn’t much room for error here. Classic black and a matching bow tie are always a good choice, but tasteful navy also works well in this situation. If you want to add some color to your outfit, a velvet blazer in a deep jewel tone worn with black suit pants can look just as polished as a tux. Want to add more flair to your ensemble? Wearing colorful socks or a patterned silk pocket square will make you feel more standout while still fitting the occasion. Just make sure your shoes are shiny and in the color black. If a party’s invitation specifies that black ties are optional, you can forgo the tux in favor of a dark-colored occasion suit; black is the default color. Keep the bow tie at home and choose a dark tie with a subtle pattern or a plain dark color.

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