What will happen to you if you drink lemon water every day

Too much lemon water consumption can cause blood pressure fluctuations, teeth enamel loss, and stomach issues. Although it can be a healthy diet component when consumed in moderation, people who are on certain drugs or already have gastrointestinal problems should be mindful of its potential side effects. Try other healthy alternatives like fruit infusions and herbal teas instead of drinking lemon water every day. Find out how drinking lemon water affects your dental enamel and how it leads to acid erosion in order to stop the erosion caused by daily consumption of lemon water. You may maintain the health of your teeth by avoiding the harm caused by acid erosion by understanding these important subsections. Lemon water provides health advantages that include boosting your intake of vitamin C and antioxidants. This choice might also assist you in reducing your intake of unhealthy sports drinks and juices that are high in sugar. The majority of the proof for the health advantages of lemon water is anecdotal. Although lemons have nutrients like vitamin C and antioxidants, the amount of lemon juice in a glass of water determines how many calories it has. Although it’s important to drink enough water daily for overall health, not everyone enjoys the flavour of plain water. You might drink more water if you flavour it with lemon juice.

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