What you should do to grow your hair fast

You should consult a dermatologist if your hair part is expanding, you have bald spots, or you’re losing more than 125 hairs every day. Hair loss comes in a variety of forms, with a variety of causes. Although there isn’t much you can do to avoid hair loss, if you see a dermatologist early enough, you may benefit from therapy.

Hair loss in women is defined as when a lady loses her hair suddenly and heavily. Humans shed between 50 and 100 single hairs every day on average. Hair shedding is a natural process in which some hairs fall out and others grow in. Hair loss occurs when the balance is disrupted – when hair falls out and less hair grows in. Hair loss is not the same as hair shedding. Alopecia is the medical word for hair loss.

Hair grows on practically every part of your body except the palms of your hands, the soles of your feet, your lips, and your eyelids. Vellus hair is light, fine, and short hair. Hair that is terminal or androgenic is thicker, darker, and longer.
Many people believe that hair loss is only a problem for men. More than half of all women, however, are expected to endure considerable hair loss. Female-pattern hair loss (FPHL) is the most common cause of hair loss in women, affecting over one-third of those who are susceptible, or roughly 30 million women in the United States.

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