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what your sleeping position reveal about you

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Your Myers Briggs type, astrological sign, and Enneagram number, depending on who you ask, can reveal more about the type of person you are. However, if you ask a scientist what your sleeping posture reveals about your personality, the simple response is that it doesn’t say much. “Sleep influences every area of our functioning, both physical and psychological,” to be clear.
“The better we sleep, the better we are in so many ways,” she explains. We’re more energized. We’ve improved our relationship skills. We are better at completing chores, communicating, and dealing with stress. We’re also less rash and less likely to get into mishaps. As a result, how we sleep has an impact on our behavioral patterns.” Like a skydiver, you lie on your stomach with your hands up by your pillow and your head turned to the side. According to recent research by the BSC, this position, also known as the prone position, appears to be more popular among Gen Xers and millennials.
Free fallers, according to some, don’t take criticism well and are boisterous, brazen, and opinionated.
The Fetal Position is a sleeping position that is similar to that of a baby.
You’re curled up like a baby on your side, knees bent towards your chest. This is the most popular sleeping position in the United States (47%) and is more common in women than in men.
Characteristics of personality:
People who sleep in the fetal position are sensitive at heart and may exhibit shyness and introversion.

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