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What’s between OLF and Ethiopian airlines?

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Every day Ethiopian news update on 18 June 2021. Specifically, Mr. Haavisto’s outrageous assertions unmistakably show an absence of setting and comprehension of Ethiopia. Without a doubt, his confident certainty to guarantee nuanced comprehension of the country and its kin, just as the current conditions from two short visits to Ethiopia, isn’t just imperfect yet additionally resembles a provincial mentality that actually sneaks in the personalities of bombastic people like him. In particular, the Ethiopian government dismisses the accompanying unfriendly assertions by Mr. Haavisto:

‘for converses with the Tigray resistance’: The cell isn’t considered as resistance in Tigray; it’s anything but a gathering proclaimed as psychological militant by the House of People’s Representatives in a protected cycle. ‘supposed races’: as a great many Ethiopians go to the surveys on 21 June 2021, putting down this vote based interaction which guarantees the will and goals of Ethiopians is unjustifiable.

‘absence of truce execution’: The law requirement activity isn’t a commitment of equivalents however an activity to guarantee a fear based oppressor cell sets out its weapons and stop unleashing devastation in the country. Mr. Haavisto overlooks the rehashed calls by the Government for warriors of the psychological oppressor cell to set down arms and look for acquittal.

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