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What’s happening in Addis Abeba these days

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The Premier offered the comment at the Ethio-cloud cultivating showing occasion coordinated today at the Entoto Observatory and Research Center to present the innovation.

After the occasion, the Prime Minister said “The fruitful consummation of the cloud-cultivating exhibit suggests that our country’s endeavors in hydropower age and water system will be upheld by more downpour.”

The Prime Minister said keeping away from cloud cultivating innovation would not make a country that is building numerous water systems and hydroelectric dams fruitful. The innovation doesn’t strife with nature, yet it is a way to productively abuse common assets, he said, adding works will be done to improve the job of residents by extending comparable advancements.

“All Ethiopians are required to work with law implementation organizations to upset the plans of hoodlums who need us to surrender our fantasies about modernizing our country. The development of our Ethiopia is the development of our mainland,” he added.

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