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What’s new about Hilawe Yoseph

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Zehabesha News Shukshukta Keria Ibrahim | Hilawi Yesuf | Hilawe Yoseph. Besides, EHRC has gotten assorted declarations about the act of capturing relatives of suspects in certain spaces that incorporates capturing a dad or mother to request that they present their kids who are associated with being individuals or allies of OLF Shene or capturing a spouse to introduce her significant other associated with relationship with OLF Shene. A few prisoners additionally detailed coercion rehearses by individuals from the police who request installment and undermine confinement and accuses of relationship of OLF Shene except if gave.

There were female prisoners in all the police headquarters visited, some of them with youngsters between the ages of 5 months and 10 years. Then again, youngsters between the ages of 9 and 18 kept on doubt of association in crime are being held at different police headquarters alongside grown-ups, as opposed to Article 172 of the Criminal Procedure Code requiring their delivery on unrestricted bail.

In the majority of the police headquarters noticed, prisoners are held in unhygienic and stuffed rooms which present genuine wellbeing chances. The greater part of the prisoners face critical conditions because of the shortfall of food supply in the confinement communities combined with absence of admittance to water, disinfection, and clinical benefits.

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