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What’s new about members of the defense force

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Ugayehu is one of the Kebelles found in west Abaya woreda, Gamo Zone of the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’ Regional State. It is for the most part known for banana cultivating, which is the primary wellspring of vocation for ranchers living around there. Despite the fact that creating banana stays one of the primary kinds of revenue to families in the area, another extra type of revenue is currently thriving, particularly in the previous five years, cutting the weight of the provider in every family should they decide to participate in the action.

The new methods for means in the space is Sericulture (the creation of silk and the raising of silkworms to that reason), which has turned out an elective revenue for any semblance of Mulunesh Anna, a moderately aged mother. At the point when the zonal Livestock and Fishery Bureau presented sericulture cultivating innovation five years prior in Gamo Zone, Mulunesh was at the bleeding edge to figure out how it functions, gain the new expertise and carry out it in her Kebele.

Notwithstanding her energy to master new abilities, there wasn’t adequate material to investigate and profit much from the innovation, which thusly thwarted her desires. Nonetheless, the International Center of Insect Physiology and Ecology a.k.a. ICIPE gave preparing and working materials in accordance with improved innovations fully intent on changing the existences of many; Mulunesh was important for this gathering.

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