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What’s new about Tilahun Gugsa

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Tigray has been attacked by the contention of reprisal, pulverization, and passing. The mischief to the people of Tigray is inconceivable, and the monster of the need of millions of people is phenomenal and crushing.

One of the unforeseen and astonishing experiences of the current battle has been the way that the authority of the Ethiopian Evangelical church has maintained this contemptible clash against the number of occupants in Tigray. The Ethiopian Evangelical church has lent its financial and suffering significant assistance to the Ethiopian government through counterfeit foresight of heading and requesting of God for the accomplishment of the strategic mission against the people of Tigray.

That passionate assistance is apparently settled in a particular comprehension of what God is doing in the current conflict. Various intense Christians, for instance, researcher and evangelist Paulos Fekadu, have transparently declared that “what’s happening in north Ethiopia (Tigray) is the judgment of God.” Several of the Ethiopian Christians I met said their friends and family instantly articulate that the Tigrayans “merit what they get.”

Biruktawit Tsegaye, a 27-year-old volunteer with an intense school administration, acknowledges the TPLF laid the groundwork for the current battle.

“TPLF corrupted the nation, people, considering ethnicity. TPLF sowed a horrendous seed subject to character, so the nation is parceled. TPLF relies upon isolating a lot the country in the past 20 years,” she uncovered to me. “From here on out, with the new government coming in, they will not take an intrigue and recognize the new change. That is the basic avocation of the division and the contention.”

Her partner Desalajn Assefa Alamayhu, an evangelist who is Tigrayan himself, agrees. In addition, the faults Christians in Tigray for being dynamic allies of the conflict.

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