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What’s new from Mekele?

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During the telephone discussion, Deputy Prime Minister Demeke praised the long-standing ties among Ethiopia and Sweden calling for improved multi-layered participation between the two countries. He called attention to that the public authority of Ethiopia has pronounced the one-sided truce in Tigray in a bid to work with a quiet agrarian air for ranchers of the district and the continuous helpful exercises.

He further reaffirmed the responsibility of the public authority to together work with worldwide accomplices to address compassionate issues in Tigray and focused on the requirement for proceeded with help from the global local area to well address the circumstance. The Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Christin Linde, to her part, appreciated the assurance of the Ethiopian government to announce the one-sided truce in Tigray calling for proceeded with endeavors to research claimed basic freedoms and take gauges in like manner. She further emphasized the help of the Swedish government to Ethiopia’s situation towards looking for answers for the GERD issue through the AU-drove arrangement. The two further traded sees on the boundary debate with Sudan and potential answers for the issues.

During his discussion with the Ethiopian Ambassador in India, Tizita Mulugeta, Ambassador Kenya in New Delhi, Willy K. Bett attested the help of his country to the one-sided truce Ethiopia has pronounced in Tigray. He further highlighted that the AU is instrumental in addressing GERD issues with the end goal of carrying African Problems with African arrangements.

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