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What’s New With Artist Belen Mamo?

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As a child he grew up tuning in to a ton of music, particularly instrumental, because of his two more established siblings; however, he likewise tuned in to his own main tunes by Ethiopia’s music amazing the late Tilahun Gesesse and America’s pop sovereign Mariah Carey. Also his other most loved vocalist and piano player, Alicia Keys, normally touches off profound love and enthusiasm that propels numerous to play the piano.

Samuel’s excursion began at a placement test for Yared Music School of Addis Ababa University where many experienced artists meet up and take similar tests. However, Samuel’s common ability for melodic sensibilities and certainty means he was ready to enter the compound as well as bring his examinations through to turn into the “most exceptional understudies”, concurring a piano teacher at the school.

“My time at Yared Music School was so particularly incredible just as close. I didn’t figure I could play by beginning without any preparation, yet I appreciated it so much and made an honest effort by remaining submitted”, Samuel told this magazine. However, he additionally conceded that his testing at the School was “hard to be acknowledged,” maybe adding to his moderately obscure popularity at home.

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