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What’s New With Engdasew Habte?

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Ethiopia was one of the essential countries in the world to get Christian certainty. Close by custom holds that this change occurred as exactly on schedule as at the hour of the Apostles. By the by, we understand that King Azana of the Assume domain, in what is as of now the northern high nations of Ethiopia, given coins bearing the Cross of Christ as of now around 330AD. The Assume space was to be certain the first in the world to hit money with this contraption. Azana furthermore raised a couple of inscriptions, which seem to assert that the change to Christianity happened during or around the hour of his standard.

Ethiopia’s change, according to Byzantine maker Rufus, whose record is near contemporary, and clearly meriting confirmation, was finished by Fresenius, a Greek-talking youth from Syria. Destroyed off the Red Sea shore of Africa, he was taken to Assam, the capital of the Assume area. There he entered the help of the choice ruler, perhaps Azana’s father, and seems to have changed over either the last-referenced or Azana himself. Fresenius, at around this time, or fairly later, settled the head “conventicles”, in Assam, where early Christians “may resort in petition”. He later went to Alexandria, by then an exceptional focal point of Christianity, where the acclaimed Patriarch Athanasius appropriately honored him as Ethiopia’s first Bishop, after which he accepted the name ABBA Salami, or Father of Peace.

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