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What’s new with Saron?

The TPLF and customary people in Mekelle said the latest airstrike hit a private region.

BBC Tigrinya addressed a woman who had been yielded to Ayder Hospital ensuing to being harmed in the airstrike.

“I don’t have even the remotest clue how I went to the crisis center, I was not conscious. Exactly when the air torrent happened, I was in my home with my two youths. I don’t know the first thing where they are as of now,” she said.

Another woman being treated at the clinical center for a physical issue on her left hand said: ”There is no strategic spot around. They assaulted neighborhood areas. The shell fell over our home, I’m hurt and my home is fairly obliterated.

“My neighbor’s home is completely demolished. I don’t think they are alive.”

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