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What’s New With Sayat Demissie?

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The inclination of the Ethiopian entertainment world seems, by all accounts, to be far from the nation’s lifestyle and social norms.

It reflects less the certifiable image of people’s lives. On-screen characters’ announcement usage, talk underline, dressing style similarly as the featuring music is isolated from the nearby legitimacy or social principles. As shown by the Ethiopian Film Makers Association Vice-President Dessalegn Hailu, most of the nation’s motion pictures are deficient in indigenous culture for the clarification that they are framed by makers who are essentially occupied with the capital.

The second arrival of Colors of the Nile International Film Festival (CON IFF) dispatches on Monday 24 March 2014 highlighting 48 African film commitments from around the territory, which will all be African, East African, or Ethiopian introductions from African bosses or producers.

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