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What’s News With Amleset Muchie?

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Tewodros Kassahun, better known by his stage name of Teddy Afro, is an acclaimed Ethiopian pop star who has overpowered the local music scene for very nearly 10 years. Seeing himself as a “man of chance”, Teddy sings about subjects of bargains, fortitude, history, value, consistency, and political change. These subjects have obtained him the hearts and ears of millions of adoring fans, similarly as an overview of foes from the Ethiopian autocrat and his diminishing supporter.

Teddy was brought into the world in the PUAS Mesa zone of Addis Ababa, on July 14, 1976. His late father, Kassahun German, was a well-known Ethiopian performer, while his mother, Til affirmative Rage, was a specialist craftsman. Despite his people being related with news sources, they stopped Teddy from examining in transforming into an entertainer.

Since checking with an Ethiopian record name in 2001, the 37-year-old pop star has officially conveyed 6 assortments: Abused (2001), Tarim Desert (2004), Yasteseryal (2005), Yasteseryal Edition 2 (2005), Best Collection-Nahom Volume 14 (2006), Timur Sew (2012). His latest Album, Timur Sew (individual of shading), squashed Ethiopian record bargains and is ready to transform into the primary selling Ethiopian assortment ever.

On December 5, 2006, Teddy was purportedly connected with a speedy in and out alcoholic driving scene wherein a 40-year-old transient was killed. Exploiting the godsend, the Ethiopian government swiftly sentenced the craftsman to six years in prison and fined him 18000 birds ($1,755). In the wake of serving over two years, creating outside requirements obliged the framework to diminish his sentence and conveyance him in August 2009 on grounds of suitable direct.

In mid-April of 2012, Teddy got attracted to his dependable darling Ablest Munchie. The 25-year-old past superbness show confidence was raised in Addis Ababa and is an outstanding performer that has started in different Ethiopian motion pictures. The significantly expected wedding should occur eventually in late August or early September.

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