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What’s News With Getachew Reda?

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Ethiopia’s contention-torn northern Tigray district has been hit by a power outage, the public authority said Wednesday, putting the blackout on the removed decision party in the semi-self-sufficient zone.

Tigray has been the performance center of battling since early November 2020, when Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed reported military tasks against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), blaming them for assaulting government armed force camps.

He announced triumph after supportive of government troops took provincial capital Mekele in late November, however, the TPLF promised to battle on, and conflicts have endured in the district, hampering endeavors to convey woefully required helpful help.

In a press articulation, the state utility firm Ethiopia Electricity Power (EEP) said TPLF “remainders” had assaulted a high-voltage line conveying power to Mekele, “causing a complete power outage in the locale”.

The assertion didn’t make reference to the date of the supposed assault, be that as it may, an occupant of Mekele disclosed to AFP the force had gone out on Tuesday night.

The occupant said dread was filling in the capital of a hostile by the TPLF, with security powers allegedly burrowing channels on the edges of the city.

He said the strain was high, with red and yellow banners related to the TPLF and red and yellow inflatables springing up around the city as of late.

TPLF representative Getachew Reda on Tuesday gave a meeting to a US-based TV slot, denying they were arranging an inescapable hostile.


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