When comedians get together…..Halima and Minalush

Start off with easy vocal warm-up exercises like humming, lip-tongue trilling, and breathing exercises. As your voice becomes more warmed up, gradually move on to exercises that are harder and faster. It’s advisable to give your voice at least 15-20 minutes to warm up before singing songs. Don’t sing songs without first warming up your voice. Many of my students continue to do this despite my repeated reminders. If you don’t warm up before singing songs, you will eventually suffer vocal damage. Start with simple and well-known songs when learning new songs. Then you can move on to songs that are more challenging or that you are still learning. When you are singing, it is simple to become overburdened by all the things you need to consider. By the time you begin singing the second verse, you would have forgotten the lyrics because you would have to focus on your breathing, posture, and articulation. Allow yourself to occasionally sing out of tune as you concentrate on your pronunciation if you are learning to improve your pronunciation but you still don’t have a strong understanding of the melody. Choose just a small portion of your song to refine until it is perfect. This allows you to learn the song more thoroughly and possibly more quickly. A lifelong endeavor is learning to sing. Although it is not an easy journey, every victory is worth celebrating. It is a highly rewarding activity. Keep in mind that anything worthwhile requires effort to obtain. Allow yourself to make plenty of mistakes if you’re just starting out as a singer. You will learn how to sing properly sooner and more frequently if you fail more frequently and earlier. Gain a thick skin by practicing. Threaten rejection.

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