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Romantic love is an important objective for many individuals. Whether you have been in love before or have yet to fall in love, you may consider this love to be the peak of romantic experiences, if not the summit of life experiences. The experience of falling in love can be thrilling, even euphoric. Over time, though, these emotions may transform into something slightly different. This love may appear gentle or tranquil. You may find yourself thinking, “I love them,” rather than “I am in love with them.”
This change does not necessarily indicate that something is wrong with your relationship. Loving someone rather than feeling “in love” with them merely highlights how sentiments of love develop with time, particularly in long-term relationships. Although it may not appear so, falling in love is a scientific process. Numerous hormones are released during the process of falling in love, which can boost sensations and cause them to vary drastically. Even after spending the entire day with your significant other, you still feel lonely when they depart. You wonder what they are doing and if they are considering you. You may already have plans to meet the next day, but you wonder how you’ll manage till then. This is typical when one is in love. And while it is undoubtedly healthy to spend some time apart, that does not mean it is enjoyable. If you can’t stop thinking about them even when you’re apart, you’re probably experiencing the terrible ecstasy of love.

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