When is the best day to get pregnant after period

The menstrual cycle and the best times for conception for women are topics that many people are only vaguely familiar with. Knowing when a woman is most fertile and when to have sex to enhance your chances of getting pregnant is helpful for people trying for a baby.
Knowing the proper moment: An egg is released from the ovary when a woman ovulates, and if there is sperm available at that time, there is a good probability that it will be fertilised and develop into a baby over the next nine months. Though not all women’s menstrual cycles are the same length, ovulation typically occurs about 14 days before the onset of a period. The ‘fertile window’—the five days preceding and the day of ovulation is when conception is possible. If a woman engages in sexual activity in the two days preceding or on the day of ovulation, her chances of getting pregnant increase even further. In women who cycle every 28 days, ovulation occurs around day 14, and days 11 to 14 are when they have the best chance of getting pregnant. While a woman with a cycle of 35 days will be most fertile between days 18 and 21, one with a cycle of 24 days will ovulate around day 10 and have her most fertile days between days 7 and 10.

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