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When the false priest is exposed

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A bogus minister professing to be at Axum Tsion during the war. Yet, there are difficulties in mass concealing in the country due to the pressing factor from certain gatherings of the general public who guarantee that there is a deficiency of supply and all individuals require not to wear them.

“This needs to stop and we should assist the general public with getting the advantages veiling presents since social and physical separating is hard to accomplish,” he attested.

As indicated by Fetsum, an aggregate of USD 1.2 million has been prepared from the diaspora local area out of which the acquisition of PPEs is one and it is being shipped off Ethiopia, right now. He further said that the 25-part warning committee of specialists has been set up.

On his part, Afework Kassu (Prof.), State Minister of MoSHE, said that the public authority is having its impact to forestall the sickness which is proving to be fruitful. The fruitful jobs of the public authority are showed in mindfulness creation, asset activation, innovation, and so forth.

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