Where did gash Efrem disappear

The impact of a parent or father figure can be felt forever. Your children’s attitudes, behaviors, and decision-making patterns will be influenced by what you say and do today as they grow up. Realize that your children are watching and listening to everything you say and do when you are around them as fathers and father figures. They are watching, whether you share a home with them, see them every other week, or only on the weekends. Your kids will look to you for guidance, support, as well as an example of how to deal with life’s various difficulties. In addition to sitting them down and going over problems with them, you may teach your kids by demonstrating how you would react in similar circumstances. Use the language you would like your kids to use. Be mindful of your language, the subjects you bring up, and the viewpoints you convey since these things will shape their ideals as they get older. Consider whether your words and voice tone gently convey acceptance or respect for others. Be an example of how to solve issues and make decisions. Tell your kids about the procedure you underwent. This demonstrates to them how to approach issues in a collected and helpful manner. Avoid expressing anger or annoyance in front of children if at all feasible.
Set a good example. Your children pick up life lessons from how you handle both the happy and the negative. For instance, admit your mistakes and fess up when you’ve done something wrong. Discuss what you could change to prevent making the same errors again.

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