Where is actress Meseret…..A search in USA

What then, is beauty? Is it determined by your age, color, race, bone structure, gender, body shape, weight, or how flat your stomach is? Is it determined by the symmetry of your face? Another possibility is that it is defined by what you observe in the media, by trends in popular culture, and by fashion. For instance, big lips and big bums are currently in because of certain popular celebrities. Different cultures define and view beauty in various ways. From the Kayan tribes, who believe that long, giraffe-like necks are the epitome of beauty and prime their necks with heavy brass rings starting at age five, to several regions of Asia, where pale or white skin is frequently seen as a sign of beauty and wealth. Or perhaps aestheticians, facialists, and makeup artists who can alter features or induce youth to bloom are what make things beautiful? I was considering my definition of beauty when I saw a very attractive girl on television lamentably describe herself as “not being very pretty and not even attractive,” so I wanted to ask you what your definition of beauty is. Have you ever tried to look at your reflection in a fogged-up, completely steaming mirror after getting out of a hot, steamy shower? We often perceive our beauty through fogged-up mirrors, in my opinion. We can see ourselves, but the image isn’t very clear, and our field of vision is very small. As we have matured, the mirrors have become clouded by various memories and life experiences, and they now combine to create our unique definition of beauty.

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