Which makeup types are good for your skin

Oil-free and mattifying products are recommended for oily skin, hydrating and moisturising products are recommended for dry skin, targeted application is recommended for combination skin, and gentle and hypoallergenic products are recommended for sensitive skin. This article will teach you how to apply makeup for oily, dry, combo, and sensitive skin types in order to get a perfect and long-lasting finish. Because oily skin produces a lot of sebum (oil), exfoliate lightly two to three times each week with a gentle exfoliant. For oily skin, hydration is still crucial, so use mild moisturisers with hyaluronic acid to keep your skin hydrated. If you don’t moisturise your skin, it will dehydrate, compensate, and generate more oil. As a canvas, primer allows you to apply foundation easily and evenly throughout the day. Allow your primer to dry completely before adding foundation. Apply a longwear or matte foundation directly to your face, or set it with a translucent setting powder to absorb excess oils and keep your foundation in place. Otherwise, after you’ve finished your makeup, apply your foundation and set it with powder. If you have regular skin, you can experiment with a wide variety of makeup products and procedures. Because normal skin has no special problems, you can focus on improving your natural beauty.

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