Which one should you choose: diet or corset

Temporarily, a waist trainer can help. Waist trainers can make the waist appear thinner, but they do not give long-term results or weight loss.
Waist trainers are designed to cinch your waist and “train” your physique into an hourglass shape. They’re essentially corsets with a contemporary twist. Celebrities publishing photographs and enthusiastic endorsements on social media may have contributed to the waist trainer fad. Although celebrities swear by them, this does not necessarily imply that they are useful or safe to use. A waist trainer is a type of underwear comprised of thick fabric and firm metal boning. It’s secured around the midriff with a lacing system, hooks, or Velcro. It’s designed to be worn much more firmly than a girdle or shaping underwear in order to give you a sleeker, smaller waist. While the results are visible right away, “training” necessitates wearing the garment frequently over a period of months. Corsets have been worn for at least 500 years. Originally, they concealed the majority of a woman’s figure between the breasts and the hips. Corsets emerged sometime in the 1800s to highlight the female body, with the goal of achieving the desired hourglass figure, which requires a small waist and voluptuous hips. Corsets fell out of favor due to discomfort and health concerns as the idealized tiny waist size shrank progressively thinner. The immediate transformation can be stunning, and the premise is that you can train your waist to keep that shape.
A waist trainer, according to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery site, will not significantly alter your body form. Even if your body type lends itself to that form temporarily, your waist trainer is unlikely to have a long-term effect.
Loss of weight
Wearing a waist trainer may cause you to lose a little amount of weight temporarily, but this will most likely be due to fluid loss rather than fat loss.
Because your stomach is constricted while wearing the trainer, you may eat less.
This is not a healthy or sustainable way to lose weight. Even companies that manufacture and sell waist trainers recommend exercise and a nutritious diet as part of a weight loss strategy.
While some waist trainer advocates may advise you to wear your trainer while exercising, this is not a smart idea. It has the potential to significantly limit movement.

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