Who did poet rediet terefe married and how did they meet

Christian marriages are frequently arranged by the bride and groom’s parents with a considerable deal of discussion, especially in Tigray and Amhara regions. The bride must be a virgin when the wedding takes place, according to tradition and culture. Because the bride’s virginity is greatly prized and prided in Christian marriage, and if the bride is not virgin at the time of marriage, the entire family is embarrassed. Women in rural areas, in particular, marry at a younger age than their husbands. It was once customary for the bridegroom to be 30 years old before marrying, following Christ’s biblical precedent of waiting until he was 30 years old before commencing his public ministry.

The groom’s parents traditionally look for a bride for their son. They do an investigation before making contact with the bride’s parents to ensure that the families are not linked by blood. They used to go back seven generations, but today five generations is sufficient. The boy’s parents then contact the prospective bride’s parents through a mediator when this is completed. The mediator visits the potential bride’s family and inquires if their daughter will marry the other parents’ son. The bride’s parents frequently impose restrictions, which the mediator relays to the groom’s parents, who then schedule a meeting for both parents at a mutually suitable location.

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