Who did Teddy Afro met in America

Tewodros Kassahun Germamo was born in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, on July 14, 1976, to dancer Tilaye Arage and musician Kassahun Germamo. Tewodros is of Amhara ancestry. Despite his involvement in the entertainment industry, his parents told him not to pursue a career in music. Teddy Afro made his debut in 2001 with the release of the album Abugida, quickly becoming a well-known figure in his homeland. His second studio album, Yastesereyal, released in 2005, blended reggae, traditional Ethiopian music, and pop music. Its contentious title track, which decried government corruption, became a huge hit. In the context of divorcing couples, the song “Hab Dahlak” discusses the division of Ethiopia and Eritrea. Yasteseryal, his third album, was released in 2005. One of the most infamous and influential albums was this one. After the ruling party was overthrown in April 2018, this restriction was lifted. Since then, he has performed these songs at concerts in Addis Abeba’s Meskel Square. Nevertheless, within a few months of its release, the album had sold over a million copies. Hope Music Entertainment has been the most frequently used record label since 2016, with Minew Shewa Entertainment and Admas Music serving as supplemental labels. In recent years, Hope Music Entertainment, Minew Shewa Entertainment, and Dire Tube have emerged as the nation’s online streaming media. [19] Dire Tube typically retrieves older audio and video recordings. Nahom Records, which is still in operation, was the most notable label throughout the 2000s.

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