“Who do you think is the most handsome actor…”

It’s simple to understand why guys desire to learn how to look appealing and appealing: Additionally to having greater confidence, attractive men just seem to have more of everything. While the advantages of appearing good and attractive are obvious to all, there are less obvious ways that regular guys like you and I can improve our appearance and join the Handsome Men’s Club. Fortunately, it’s easier than you might think to learn how to seem more attractive. In an effort to figure out how to reverse-engineer what makes a man appear appealing and handsome, I spent a not insignificant amount of time reading, researching, and ogling many attractive men. And I discovered some excellent news for men who don’t think they are classically gorgeous. Even if you don’t have the most square-jawed or fullest head of hair, there are a lot of simple actions you, I, and any regular-looking male may employ to look more appealing and handsome. Intriguingly, guys with full beards were rated as more appealing for long-term relationships than those with short-term partners, but men with clean-shaven faces consistently placed the lowest. If you choose to opt for a big beard, keep in mind that attractive hair is healthy hair. Use a quality beard oil every day to maintain the luscious, well-groomed appearance of your facial hair.

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