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who is the Ethiopian star of Las Vegas

Yohanes Zewdu didn’t have shoes or clean clothes as a child in Ethiopia. He grew up dreaming of becoming a professional football player when he came to America as a teenager. He had no idea that he would one day be living the glitz and glamour of a sporting hero – without ever stepping foot on the field. Yohanes is now known as ‘Johnny Vegas’ and is the CEO of Kloudout, a “global lifestyle management company,” according to him. In essence, he is the man in charge of planning high-end vacations and getaways for celebrities ranging from F1 legend Lando Norris to Ayoze Perez, Adnan Januzai, Weston McKennie, and Curtis Jones. “What we do is plan and manage their vacations when they are here.” “Our goal is to make sure they aren’t stressed and don’t have to worry about anything,” says the narrator. “They don’t have a lot of time to research and plan all of the intricacies.” That’s where my brand and my staff come in: we’ll make sure everything is convenient and straightforward for them. We really just make their lives a lot simpler.” Johnny is living the good life, whether it’s traveling on a private aircraft, partying with footballers, or lounging on a yacht. However, his current lifestyle is a far cry from his early years in Africa, where he grew up. He was born and raised in Ethiopia, a third-world country where life is hard.

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