Who is the mom….an interview with Genet and her duaghter Meklit

What about the unique and particular bond between mothers and daughters? Everyone talks about mama’s sons and daddy’s girls. It really is one of the strongest connections there is. Since the beginning of time, “mothers of daughters are daughters of mothers and have stayed such” n the enduring relationship between mothers and daughters. Mothers of daughters are daughters of mothers and have stayed so, in rings attached to circles, since time started, according to a lovely quotation by a poet by the name of Signe Hammer. In other words, we are a link in a continuous chain that dates all the way back to the origins of humanity. These circles have been forged into a tungsten chain by moms for generations upon generations who have passed on the knowledge of life, love, and what it means to be a woman (the strongest metal on earth, and yes, I had to look it up). Don’t get me wrong, though. Our relationship with our sons is as close. It’s simply…different. We don’t have to love our children in the same way in order to love them equally. Our sons encircle us in their little fingers and demonstrate what it’s like to experience first love. As much as we are windows into their future, our daughters, on the other side, are like windows into our history. Because we have gone through all they are going through, we can relate to them on a level that we cannot with our boys. Moms understand what it’s like to hear comments like “girls can’t do that,” to go through puberty first (or last) in our class, to fall in love and experience heartbreak for the first time, and to become obsessed with selecting the ideal prom dress.

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