Who is the most trust worthy from the couples

To feel secure and loyal with your spouse in a relationship is to have faith in them. To trust someone is to put your faith in them because you feel secure around them and know they won’t harm or violate you. Relationships are built on trust because it frees you up to be open and vulnerable with the other person without feeling the need to defend yourself. Relationships require trust because it enables you to be more frank and generous. Because you have faith in them and know they have your back, you are more likely to be tolerant of their flaws or annoying behaviours if you trust your partner. You can also handle disagreement when you have trust. Building a strong relationship and foundation on trust is essential. Having confidence in your relationship fosters more safety and intimacy. You feel safe knowing your spouse has your back and can be counted on for comfort, care, and support when you have mutual trust. Your nervous system may also unwind, rest, and reset when you trust your spouse. Your partnership can be a place of healing for both sides by building a solid foundation of trust, especially if this hasn’t always been the case in previous relationships with family or ex-partners. As trust develops over time, you will start to have low expectations of your spouse if they frequently break their pledges or obligations.

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