“Who minus who” on sekela show with Tigist Girma

As we began our investigation, we discovered that it was quite difficult to find materials that genuinely educate the production of a talk show, especially when it comes to producing binge-worthy content for B2B companies like ours. In the end, we did discover some helpful information to start us started on the right foot. And we’re condensing what we discovered while studying Jimmy Kimmel’s program to share with you. Let’s start using these talk show takeaways now (say that three times fast). You might believe that a show needs a lot of bells and whistles and even a touch of movie magic to survive for 17 seasons. We did, however, learn that Jimmy Kimmel creates his entire show using a really straightforward method. Since Jimmy Kimmel Live’s introduction only lasts for 15 seconds, it’s simple to overlook its significance, despite the fact that it’s one of the most crucial aspects of the program. The guests that will be on each episode are briefly introduced by Kimmel, offering the audience a preview of what they might expect. Additionally, it raises interest in the remaining episodes.
Introduce everyone on the show before interviewing the first guest. Simply mentioning the person’s name, job title, and employer will improve the likelihood that your viewers will watch the entire episode before moving on to the next one.

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