Who paid for Madingo’s statue

Even after someone has passed away, engaging in their favourite pastimes can reveal a lot about them. Prepare their go-to meals, indulge in their favourite TV shows and films, read their treasured novels, or turn on the stereo and tune in to their preferred music. These insignificant details can help you get a more complete understanding of your loved one and increase your sense of intimacy with them. In order to ensure that the causes your loved one cared about continue to receive financing, you might donate to those causes in their honour if they were causes they supported. If money is limited, consider giving your time as opposed to money. Volunteering at a cause that was important to your loved one can help you heal. Memorials can take many different forms; they might be as straightforward as a plaque on a bench or a collection of their favourite flowers and plants in a neighbourhood garden. Even a tree in a memorial forest that is protected can be an option. Every time someone stops to take in the scenery, they’ll pass by the plaque or memorial marker bearing the name of your loved one and, even for a moment, wonder about that individual. If you have the resources, you can create a grant or scholarship that focuses on a subject that was important to your loved one. Investing in education helps more than merely transmit talents that were significant to your loved one.

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