“Who stole the check” Besinitu comedy drama chapter 1 episode 35

There are numerous advantages of laughing for your health. Laughter can help reduce pain, promote happiness, and even boost immunity, according to studies so far. One of the 24 key signature strengths one can possess is the predisposition for laughter and sense of humor, according to positive psychology. According to some studies, we laugh a little more than that, but in my opinion, we could all stand to laugh a little more often given how excellent it is for our stress levels and general well-being. Cortisol, adrenaline, dopamine, and growth hormone are just a few of the stress hormones that laughter lowers in the body. Moreover, it raises the levels of hormones that promote good health, such as endorphins. Laughing raises our body’s supply of antibody-producing cells and improves the efficiency of T cells. All of this translates to a more robust immune system and a diminished physiologic impact of stress.
Have you ever felt that you needed to laugh in order to avoid crying? Have you ever felt refreshed after a hearty laugh? A physical and mental catharsis is provided by laughing. A good belly laugh works the diaphragm, abdomen, and even shoulders, resulting in more relaxed muscles thereafter. Even the heart gets a decent workout from it. Compared to other merely distracting activities, laughing effectively diverts attention from anger, guilt, tension, and other negative emotions. According to studies, how we perceive things can affect whether or not we react negatively to stressful situations. Humor can help us view things more humorously and as challenges, which makes them less intimidating and more encouraging.

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