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Who will be the next host of Yebeteseb Chewata?

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The family game host Eshetu’s Wishes program, Who will be the following host of Yebeteseb Chewata? The replacement was recognized. Yebeteseb chewata is a game appropriate for all ages. It includes carrying on words/phrases showed on the television screen. The game is played by at least two gatherings. Two family groups of five hopefuls (decreased to four competitors for the 1994–95 season) each contend to win cash by offering answers to review questions. The first form of the show started with the families being presented, situated inverse each other as though modeling for family pictures, after which the host talked with them.

The base age to take an interest in Family Feud is 15, albeit each family should have in any event one individual who is 18 years or more seasoned. Each round starts with a “go head to head” question that fills in as a shot in the dark between two contradicting candidates. The host asks an overview inquiry that was recently presented to a gathering of 100 individuals, for example, “Name the hour that you get up on Sunday mornings.”

A specific number of answers are covered on the board, positioned by the notoriety of the study’s reactions. Just answers said by at any rate two individuals can show up on the board. The first contender to buzz in quite a while an answer; on the off chance that it is the most famous, his/her family promptly wins the go head to head. Something else, the rival reacts and the relative giving the higher-positioned answer wins.

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