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Why am I aging too fast

Internal bodily processes, such as skin cell turnover and workout recuperation, slow down as you get older and take longer to finish or recharge.
This allows indications of aging to appear, such as wrinkles and weariness.
If these changes occur earlier than predicted, they are referred to as “premature” aging. While it’s impossible to totally avoid these changes, there are ways to minimize the indications of aging in your body, particularly if they’re occurring before you’re ready to accept them. Although everyone’s aging process is unique, there are several indicators of aging that are deemed “premature” if they appear before the age of 35. Sun spots, also known as age spots or liver spots, are flat areas on your skin that develop as a result of years of exposure to the sun. These hyperpigmented spots can appear on your face, the backs of your hands, or the insides of your forearms. They usually appear around or after the age of 40. People with lighter skin may notice the development of sun spots sooner.
Over aging, the top layers of your skin thin out and contain less of the structural proteins that give your skin its structure, such as collagen. As a result, your hands may become more veiny, thin, and prone to creases. When hands begin to seem older, there is no objective assessment, but most individuals notice it around their late 30s and early 40s.

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