Why did you hide it from me

When someone breaks your faith in them, you are being betrayed. You can feel overburdened by the complicated emotions that betrayal can bring about. You may face betrayal from friends, family, or romantic partners. You can be left wondering how to deal with betrayal and go on after this experience. Although controlling your emotions can be challenging, you can recover and get past the hurt sentiments. Take into account the following advice to handle the unfavourable emotions that are usually connected to betrayal-related feelings. It might be therapeutic and helpful to get your thoughts in order to discuss the matter with someone you can trust. If you feel uncomfortable talking to a close friend or loved one about it, you can go see a therapist. Taking good care of your body might aid in your recovery from betrayal. Eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, and participating in enjoyable hobbies can all be part of self-care following a betrayal. In addition to looking after your physical health, it can be beneficial to unwind and soothe your mind. If you find yourself thinking too much when lying in bed, think about having a bath or playing relaxing music. You can also use your interests to improve your mood. Recognising the circumstance can help you manage; denying the betrayal won’t. You can then move on by accepting and explaining what happened. Acceptance enables you to experience your feelings and process them.

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