why do men pull away

Because they don’t know how to control their emotions, guys frequently break away abruptly. Many men and women are unable to effectively manage their emotions.
As a result, mood swings and erratic conduct become common. They may not understand or know how to convey their own sentiments, so they pull back to avoid getting too near since it makes them uncomfortable. In the relationship, he may not feel needed or wanted. Let’s face it, nobody is perfect. In relationships, both men and women make mistakes, often without recognizing it. And, whether our expectations are reasonable or not, most of us carry our own set of expectations into partnerships. Men, like women, value flattery, feeling needed, and being desired. On the other hand, he might simply require some breathing room. Men appear to need time alone to reflect on life, to ponder about nothing in particular, and to recharge in order to be fully present in a relationship. Stress, whether personal or professional, can devastate a man’s sense of self-identity and purpose.
When males do not properly pursue and express their personal life objective, they get emotionally messed up. Space might assist them in refocusing their attention and energy on their goal.

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