Why do modern women struggle with marriage

A newer query regarding the interval between college graduation and marriage has emerged, replacing the older one about whether a college education renders women unwilling or unfit for marriage. More and more women need to and do prepare themselves for self-support, spending five to ten years in active, stimulating occupations, living among their peers just as men do, enjoying a wide variety of friendships, and taking pride in their achievements. How then do women who have developed these tastes and habits, who are used to a life of wide and active contact with people and things, resign themselves to the greater or less quiet and monotony of home, to broken and irregular, instead of daily, intercourse with the outside world and friends? If a man truly loved something, he would never give it up because of marriage, wealth, or any other similar change in circumstances. There is every reason to think that a woman used to regular schedules, systems, maintaining her income, and taking on a variety of responsibilities will make a good home manager and wife. My observations include numerous instances of such adaptability and effectiveness, such as the case of a new wife who, after working for several years as a translator for the state department, successfully threw herself into learning how to cook and farm when she relocated to the country for the benefit of her husband’s health. On the other hand, failures are fairly common when girls marry without any prior experience with working conditions, and their ineffectiveness and ignorance of the high pressure and strain endured by the husband make his problems exponentially more difficult.

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