Why Do People Fear Marriage? Is It a Disease?

Marriage is a genuine choice for each individual. It tends to be the stuff of a bad dream for a few while an extravagant dream for other people. To such an extent that we should have all run over individuals who make statements like, “I’m not prepared for marriage”, “Marriage isn’t so much for me”, “The possibility of marriage alarms me a great deal.” All these are indications of fleeing from marriage or, all in all, the feeling of dread toward marriage. Marriage, be that as it may, is around two individuals who love each other having a similar house with the consent of society and the law to begin their own family unit. So why are individuals scared of marriage? In this article, we will elucidate upon the idea of gamophobia, known as the feeling of dread toward marriage, and answer the subject of how to manage the apprehension about marriage.

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