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Why I didn’t settle down till now

Is it better to be tall or short when it comes to finding a partner, getting an education, or making money? Tall men acquire more desirable partners since women prefer to date them. Generally speaking, tall guys are more attractive to women. A woman’s desire to date taller men outweighs her desire to date a woman who is shorter in stature.
It was determined that women are most content when their boyfriend is 8 inches (21cm) taller than them, according to a recent study. When a man is eight centimeters (three inches) taller than his partner, he is happiest. In a separate survey, 13.5 percent of men prefer to date women who are shorter than they are. Women, on the other hand, preferred to date guys who were at least an inch taller than they were.
The lowest male a woman would date on average is 5 feet 9 inches tall, according to a study on height and human partner choice. In terms of height, the shortest woman a man would consider dating is 5 feet, 1 inch, according to statistics. A relationship in which the woman is taller than the male was acceptable to 23% of men and 4% of women, according to the same study.
Women who marry taller men have better health, lower BMIs, higher educational attainment, and higher earnings, according to the research.
Short women and men are considered less desirable and less successful by the general public. Scientists looked into gender differences in height preconceptions in a report titled, Height Stereotypes of Women and Men: The Liabilities of Shortness. Study participants were asked to visualize a “average” (5 feet 4 inches) or a “tall” (4 feet 10 inches) woman (5 feet 10 inches). The next step was for participants to give their impressions of the women based on a variety of attributes.
Both tall and average-height women were viewed as more attractive and successful than short women by participants. There was no difference in the evaluations between women who were tall and women who were normal in height. Men labeled as “short” (5 feet 4 inches), “average” (5 feet 10 inches) and “tall” (5 feet 11 inches) were also graded by participants (6 feet 4 inches).

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