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why is he back after all this time

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It’s always perplexing when guys reappearance months after things have ended. From time to time, we all grow nostalgic. Maybe he saw something that reminded him of you, or maybe he’s been thinking about you lately. In any case, he really misses you and your relationship. He may miss being in a relationship, or he may miss the person he was when you were together. If you think you can succeed by trying again, go for it! Listen to your intuition, make sure you’ve both had enough time to guarantee you truly want to be back together, and double-check that you’ve worked over whatever was holding you back the last time. It’s also fine to miss someone but not want the relationship to resume — and it’s fine to tell him that. You may decide that talking to him is too difficult and that you’d rather focus on getting over him and moving on, regardless of how much you miss each other.
We must prioritize ourselves since not everyone we love is right for us.
If your ex returns months later, he may not be attempting to win you back, but rather apologizing and accepting responsibility for his actions.

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