With the support of Ethiopians, I broke free from my husband

With the help of Ethiopians, I broke liberated from my significant other, But he is as yet undermining me. The new article distributed by The Reporter in September Pageant held, deprived of Miss Ethiopia tag, while genuine, has decided to recount the account of lawful activity between Murad Mohammed, who is the originator and investor of Miss Ethiopia Event PLC, and Hiwot Bekele, to keep her from utilizing the Miss Ethiopia brand. We accept that this article has distorted Miss Ethiopia Event PLC, whose guiding principle is ladies strengthening, by situating the story as a fight in court among Murad and Hiwot and not an association that has legitimately battled to secure its resources.

We, subsequently, wish to explain that the lawful move was made by two named legal advisors of Miss Ethiopia Event PLC to forestall the unapproved utilization of its licensed innovation. We likewise wish to state our solid conviction that this article would have had more effect, had it situated the story on the Ethiopian licensed innovation scene that leans toward the insurance of genuine associations with a plainly characterized technique to make a manageable incentive for the nation and the world at large.

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