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Wolkait and Raya are going to be returned to Tigray?

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Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has a caused numerous issues for individuals of Tigray and the Raya question isn’t its least.

As numerous Ethiopians, unquestionably including Tigreans, know quite well, Raya was important for Wollo, one of the districts of what is presently Amhara territorial state, before it was attached as a component of Tigray after 1991.

Obviously, individuals of Raya didn’t request a Tigrean character nor they were counseled when the ethnic-based Federal game plan remembered Raya for an approach to be important for Tigray.

That was when and how character question was made in Raya. Clearly, it was smothered for above and beyond twenty years however stewing under. Lately, the inquiry is reemerging when the opportunity arrived for it. The development to discard forced Tirgrean character and get back Raya personality is getting bolder and more grounded as of late to such an extent that the provincial state in Tigray needed to convey security powers to break it down.

A youngster was purportedly killed last month however Tigray local state correspondence head, Redai Halefom, practically denied it as he concocted another story to make the killing sound like a crime case as opposed to a politically spurred killing.

There was a dissent for Raya in the capital Addis Ababa this week censuring the killing and requesting the public authority to address the Raya character question.

Once more, Tigray provincial state correspondence head needed to downplay the inquiry so it doesn’t sound a refusal with respect to the territorial state. Redai called the individuals who fought for Raya, and the majority of them are from Raya, as gatherings “with their own political plan propelling their motivation under the front of Raya individuals.” He even proceeded to call the dissent “illegal” and the Raya Identity question steers clear of Raya individuals.

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