Home Politics Wolkait is the lung of Ethiopia

Wolkait is the lung of Ethiopia

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Export of flower flourishes in the first half of the budget year by achieving 183 percent of the target, while the export sector is still going under target. In the first half of the budget year, the country earned USD 1.33 billion achieving 80 percent of the target for the stated period.

Meanwhile, the achievement is lower than the target it has shown a 10 percent increment compared with the same period of last budget year. According to the report from the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MoTI), few sectors achieve more than the target set at the beginning of the budget year, but the major export items did not achieve the target.

The biggest achievement secured in the stated period compared with the projection was from the flower sector, which is included as one of the major items about a decade and a half ago.

The Ethiopia Bankers Association (EBA), which represents private and public banks, bids farewell to two former bank presidents, Addisu Habba, former longtime president of the association and president of Debub Global Bank, and Taye Dibekulu former president of United Bank on January 31.

Abe Sano president of EBA during the ceremony thanked both for the services they rendered during their tenure in their respective banks. He further said that the outgoing presidents should help those who are still in the sector.

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