Yalemwork Jemberu stage performance on Fana Lamrot finals

Stage performance by Yalemwork Jemberu at the Fana Lamrot championships. Making time for play in your life—whether it’s singing, dancing, or hiking your favorite trail will bring joy to your life and help you cope with stress and anxiety even when you’re at your lowest point. Disappointment is followed by opportunity, and constriction by expansion. In my experience, the dips always result in my greatest expansion and achievement as long as I maintain my faith and remain focused on the goal. Every experience offers a chance to gain knowledge. While victories are inspiring, obstacles and errors can often teach us something. Similar to how meditation changes your brain’s response to stress, exercise can do the same. Even if you don’t routinely exercise, a 20-minute walk can significantly improve your mood. Regular exercise can improve your general well-being and give you more energy, better sleep, and a higher sense of productivity. Being unable to leave your mind alone is dangerous. Make contact with a mentor or someone with more expertise when you’re having second thoughts or are suffering after a setback. These dependable counsellors will assist you in gaining perspective and might even provide much-needed encouragement. Start jotting down three things each night before bed that you are thankful for. You can refer back to this thankfulness diary when times are tough to serve as a constant reminder of all you have to be thankful for. It’s also excellent evidence that things usually turn out well. Everybody goes through a slump from time to time, and for many businesspeople, the slump can be the final straw. The downturn, nevertheless, may actually make you a stronger, more resilient entrepreneur provided you can maintain faith in your concepts and remain committed to your objectives.

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