Yalemwork Jenberu singing Zenit Muhaba’s song beautifully

The deadliest enemy of a singer is tension. Before you sing, do some yoga or deep stretches to reveal any stress you may be harboring. Breathe normally and avoid pushing yourself too far. Deepen each stretch with a soft exhalation. Your face muscles, lips, tongue, neck, shoulders, and eyes should all move naturally, and your mouth and jaw should be able to open and close without restriction. We don’t consciously “take” a breath before speaking, and we don’t get out of breath in the middle of our sentences. Our body reacts to what we want to communicate, so it knows how much breath we need. Many of our vocal registers follow the same guidelines. In order to sing, you must actively “take” a breath, which might strain your neck, shoulders, and chest. You’ll have the air you need to sing the phrase if you just think it through. Any sentence in this article can be read aloud. Done? Notice how you let your breath out naturally when speaking. Sing that sentence aloud. The sensation must be the same. You are creating tension by doing too much if you inhaled and held your breath just before you sung. Just sing what needs to be said. You’ll immediately sense a connection to your tummy moving in and out if you’re not holding your breath. You are open enough if this feels like it does when you yawn. A ideal position for singing is with at least two fingers’ distance between your teeth.

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