Yebeteseb chewata between Zena and Tadesse’s family

Lately, our family needs a lot of quality time together. Our weekends have been slipping away as life has gotten so busy. Without a plan, we frequently find ourselves lazing around doing chores around the house or using technology. I’ve been experiencing some moodiness lately. It seems simple to fall into a weekend routine rut as a family, in my opinion. I made the decision to change. I’m going to prioritize spending time with my family every weekend. We’re getting close to the conclusion of the summer break, and I know you’re feeling tired. The end of the tunnel is in sight, yet you’re torn. You yearn for routine so badly, but you also want to enjoy this special time with your family and make the most of it. I’ve put together 32 incredibly entertaining, simple, and enjoyable family activity ideas that you can enjoy together. You’re almost there, sweetheart; just implement a couple of these enjoyable suggestions, and you’ll be laughing, grinning, and loving your way back to school in no time.

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