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Yebeteseb chewata family game show Episode 17

Why does water become liquid? The entertaining family game show Season 16 Episode 17, hosted by artist Nesanet Workneh. There have been many issues that have disrupted the unity of the Ethiopian intelligentsia for generations now. It is high time that the same intelligentsia becomes resourceful and find practicable ways to join all the diverse and vast intellectual energy and contribute to the transformation and advancement of the country. There is no reason to wait until the country’s politics is resolved. Given the way the world functions, poor countries may not be able to resolve their political problems.


There is no reason to wait until the politics of the country is resolved to address education and science. In fact our region, the Indian Ocean area is predicted to be the zone for a long time where conflict may not subside! It means new strategies to address the country’s problems in a creative and imaginative way are highly desirable. Ee-JRIF and/or Nesglobal is one way we try to find creative solutions to lingering and inscrutable problems by promoting research on issues that matter to the lives and well-being of people such as food, water, milk, agriculture, and infrastructure.

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